Best Summer Dance Camp

Many summer camps are finalizing registrations for this year. Book early now to save before rates go up or attendence runs out

Hip Hop

Your child can learn the latest hip hop dance moves to todays hottest artists


Dance to the up beat rythms of popular jazz. This class is for all levels beginner or experienced.


Your child learns basic techniques, movements and steps of ballet dance styles


Tap is an elective dance class that girls can choose from.


In your free time, elect to join in on modern dance. One of the extra dance styles you can choose from

Break Dancing

One of the most fun and popular dance styles to learn such as toprock, downrock, and power moves

Send your girl to the best summer dance camp with 9 locations to choose from

Its Fun

Summer camp is all about having fun and spending time with new friends, making life long memories and sharing experiences of a lifetime


American Dance Training Camp has grown to over 9 locations across the united states and costa rica and has become one of the largest and most popular all girls overnight dance camp in the country

Dance Coaches

Your child is taught dance techniques from professionally trained dance coaches, many of which are known world wide and have been on television. Our staff are licensed trained and qualified in dance methodologies and safety